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Necker Island is the name of the private island of the eccentric billionaire Richard Branson, located in the area of ​​the Virgin Islands, where this past Wednesday Hurricane Irma has passed destroying everything in its path. It should be noted that Irma, a category 5 hurricane on 5, is one of the most destructive agents in nature, rightly called "the finger of God" in the classic 90 film, Twistter.

Among other things, Richard Branson has an underground cellar where he decided to take refuge until Irma passed by his team. He himself stated that the constructions he has on his island are prepared to withstand boundary conditions, although there are few things that can withstand an 5 category hurricane, so they were not sure at all either.

But the truth is that the hold endured, but not the rest of the island, which was razed. Once past the hurricane, Branson said: "We took refuge from the strongest hurricane that has been in a particular part of the winery, and, very fortunately, remained firm. Our thoughts are with those affected by this disaster in all corners of the Virgin Islands, the Caribbean and beyond "

Before the passage of Hurricane, Branson joked saying that as his team and he were going to take refuge in a warehouse, the chances are that when leaving there would be fewer bottles than when entering. And it's normal, wine can be a great companion in times of tension and refuge with more people. There is no better way to spend a time in which the best strategy is to inhibit what is going on outside than with a bottle of wine, and, knowing whose it was the cellar Surely they were not going to be rowdy wines.

A trip through The Rioja , The Ribera del Duero , Bordeaux, Entre Deux Meres or La Toscana, with its head focused on enjoying each of the aromas and properties of some of the best wines in the world ... Investigate, learn and discover the techniques used by winemakers in their production, the climate of the area during the year of the harvest, the time that the wine spent resting until we opened it during a hurricane, and all those secrets that a bottle of wine hides.

And if these wines are accompanied by artisan cheeses o Iberian Ham , you can turn a moment of anguish into pure happiness. And it's all up to us, we can surrender to fear and spend the night of the hurricane crouching, with our eyes closed and praying, or we can turn the situation around and take advantage of it. We are sure that Sir Richard Branson and his team made the most of their stay at the winery thanks to Irma.

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