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In the municipality of Valdepeñas, in Ciudad Real, are the hundred-year-old Bodegas Navarro López. Born as a family business, it is at the end of the XNUMX when it is bought by the current president, giving a great turn in the policy of the winery and betting mainly on quality and exclusivity. Pioneers of the current Denomination of Origin Valdepeñas, Bodegas Navarro López maintains a current commitment to environmental care and tradition.

With the development of Vinos de Castilla as its objective, this winery has been incorporating wines from other areas and other varieties. It is possible to find wines from this wine group with Denomination of Origin of Rioja o Ribera del Duero.

Bodegas Navarro López are strategically located next to the hectares of vineyards.

This achieves an excellent treatment of the grape, reducing the time from when it is harvested until it is destemmed and rested. The geographical area in which the main vineyard grows belongs to the DO Valdepeñas , which gives nuances and aromas to the grape that brilliantly express the personality of a unique region for the cultivation of this one. More than XNUMX days of sunshine per year, or the cultivation of the vine in clay soils and few fertile ones, confer a point of ripeness suitable for the grape, thus obtaining perfectly structured and aromatically special wines.

The quality of the Don Aurelio wines of these wineries stands out, which are a sign of quality with an incredible price:

Buy Don Aurelio Rosado, DO Valdepeñas
Don Aurelio Rosado, DO Valdepeñas
  1. Don Aurelio Rosado It is the perfect wine to accompany first courses, vegetables, rice, pasta, etc. Bright pink, evokes fresh strawberry and raspberry aromas, which give way to a fruity and sweet mouth finish. Serving at the ideal temperature (8 - 10 degrees) this wine stands out for its freshness and quality. A must in the rosé wines from Spain.
  2. Buy Don Aurelio Tempranillo, DO Valdepeñas
    Don Aurelio Tempranillo, DO Valdepeñas

    Don Aurelio Tempranillo It is the first of the red wines Of the brand. It stands out for its simple structure, which allows us to taste all the aromas of this famous grape treated in Castilla La Mancha. The nuances of red fruits and toasted caramel stand out. The pairing is recommended for all types of red meat, stews and cheeses.

  3. Buy wine Don Aurelio Crianza, DO Valdepeñas
    Don Aurelio Crianza, DO Valdepeñas

    Don Aurelio Crianza is one of the stars of the brand. Highlights the toasted and caramel aromas that give XNUMX months in French oak barrels. Aromas of ripe red fruit, elegant and with an intense cherry red color. A safe choice to combine with red meats, pates and all kinds of powerful dishes.

  4. Buy wine Don Aurelio Verdejo, DO Valdepeñas
    Don Aurelio Verdejo, DO Valdepeñas

    Don Aurelio Verdejo is the white wine Of the brand. Balsamic and floral nuances that intensify to give way to tropical aromas and white fruits. Its ideal temperature of consumption, between XNUMX and XNUMX degrees, makes it perfect to accompany fish, seafood, rice and fresh cheeses. Awarded with two consecutive Gold Medals at FERCAM. All the power of the Verdejo grape with the elegant touch of Castilla.

Without a doubt the Bodegas Navarro López keep improving year after year and it is advisable to be very attentive to them.

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